THE Best Part? im Going To HAND YOU The Tools AND Knolledge On silver Platter

Angela Heske • Your teaching style and coaching is probably the BEST I’ve come across in my (way too many) years of learning online marketing
Hey Jimmy, I couldn’t be more excited to share my review of Build My List! I’ve already told you a few times how much I enjoyed Build My List. Your teaching style and coaching is probably the BEST I have had in my (way too many) years of learning the ins and outs of creating a online business! I love how you drop incredible “bombs” of key information off the cuff – and it’s so genuine, You probably don’t even know it’s significance, unless you’ve been struggling for some time. I am very happy to recommend the next version of Build My List 2.0 to Anyone who asks: Jimmy’s teaching and coaching style is spot on. He is no nonsense and make it very easy to get over those stumbling blocks you might have in your affiliate or email marketing. I’d also recommend becoming an Elite Member if that is offered again! While you’re going to get a ton of value from the base product – and you don’t “need” the Elite program – The coaching, trainings and attention in the Elite Group are a level above with even more details, explanations, offerings and live coaching and training, so definitely consider becoming an Elite Member. The value is amazing! I added to my list with each campaign. And made a few sales. While I Learned some great new things, for me the key was that I cleared up a ton of nagging questions I had had “left over” from others’ programs I had done previously. Jimmy did a great job shedding light on set up, copy, affiliate tips, niches, capture pages, email marketing, solo ads, etc. and even brought in key marketers to talk about specifics like PPC and Facebook marketing. Great stuff! I’ve been so excited about this program, I’m trying to get Jimmy to allow me to interview him for a program I’m creating. Some of it, directly inspired by his teaching!! Get Build My List 2.0 today – and clear up those questions you’ve been carrying with you from every other program you’ve tried – and maybe “missed the mark with” in the past!! The success rate with this program from my Elite Group of peers was undeniable! Get it today!


this will likely be the most expensive part of the entire
book production process,but is it well worth every.
penny copy editors a dream come true for fiction author-
the singular focos on their job is take your
writing and make even better.they are the coach in
your corner of the boxing ring and the quality control
team of you incorporated.they bring a unique skill-set
to the drafting and revisions well as awell
trained and critical lens to your writing.Do NOT skip
this with an editor to get your manuscript as polished as can posible get’


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