YouTube Video Creation





In this report we are going to talk about YouTube and all the elements to create a powerful YouTube business that makes you money for years to come, YouTube is owned by Google, that’s why Google gives allot of credit to YouTube.
First we are going to talk about video creation and how you could use different programs to do this, before I recommend any program, I would like to introduce you the free section which is within YouTube to upload videos and start profiting from it, this section is called “YouTube Video Editor”.
If you’re not in to creating videos and you just want readymade videos to upload on YouTube then I highly recommend you start using this because this is very powerful where YouTube gives you all the videos that has the rights to be re-uploaded.
What allot of people do is when they don’t want to create their own videos, they will get someone else’s video and download it to their computer and then re-upload it again, do not do this otherwise your YouTube account could get banned because these video do not have distribution rights, so if someone does flag your video, you will get in to deep trouble.
So how do we find this section?
Well YouTube keeps on changing their system so you will have to look for it according to their latest updates, by the way, the time I am writing this report, this is based on the left hand side where it says “video creation tool”, when you login to YouTube, on the left hand side you will see this section, click on it, then you will see a section called “Video Editor”, click on this section and a new tab will open, now you will see 6 sections, one of them is cc, click on this section and then type a keyword for the video which you are looking for and all the videos will come up, which ever video you like, just click and





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