Mann vs. Funnel: Why LinkedIn is the Ultimate Lego Set

Editor’s Note: This post is part of an ongoing series in which Chris Mann, Group Product Manager of B2B Marketing at LinkedIn, discusses how he helped develop LinkedIn Lead Accelerator to enable marketers to succeed. In our most recent post in the series, he lauded the LaunchPad team and how its members help marketers get LinkedIn Lead Accelerator up and running. This week he shares how LinkedIn Lead Accelerator complements the rest of LinkedIn’s offerings to marketers.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is a powerful stand-alone product. It helps marketers use social and display advertising to nurture prospects who have visited the corporate website but not converted. It also enables marketers to nurture people who are in their database but no longer opening emails.

But LinkedIn Lead Accelerator also integrates into other LinkedIn Marketing Solutions offerings. How does LinkedIn Lead Accelerator fit into LinkedIn? “That’s pretty powerful,” Mann said. “To me LinkedIn is like this ultimate Lego set – where now I have every building block that I could imagine and even some that I can’t – I can bring to the customers.”

One of the first things Mann and his team did with LinkedIn Lead Accelerator was integrate the product into LinkedIn’s data. “We’ve taken all of the LinkedIn data and all of the Bizo data, and we’ve combined it so we have one massive business data set,” Mann said.  What that means is that “you understand who the people who are on your website even before they share information with you,” he said.

Additionally, LinkedIn Lead Accelerator integrates with other LinkedIn marketing products, such as LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, display advertising products, and ads on SlideShare – which means users of LinkedIn Lead Accelerator can nurture leads throughout the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is also integrated with LinkedIn Auto-Fill. “Auto-Fill allows you to – with one click of a button  – prepopulate the fields in forms with LinkedIn profile data,” Mann said.


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