How Replicon Achieved a Cost Per Lead 73 Percent Lower than AdWords





With consumer marketers, it’s fairly easy to see who’s doing a good job. Just give your DVR a rest for a day or two, and watch the TV spots. Or you could pay attention to the billboards on your commute. Either way, you’d see some of the best B2C creative out there.

But B2B marketing is different. When done properly, B2B advertising and marketing messages only reach the target audience, which means you probably won’t see it. This is one big reason why many B2B marketers labor in obscurity.

But here at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some excellent B2B marketing programs with our new “Inspired Marketers” series. The first in the series highlights the efforts of the Replicon marketing team, which is led by Brett Chester, Vice President of Online Marketing, and Victor Lin, Manager of Demand Generation.

To generate awareness and leads for Replicon, which produces a software-as-a-service time management system, Chester and Lin use a disciplined, data-driven approach. The pair leads a team that is constantly using data to assess the impact of their marketing programs. “We religiously analyze the data day in and day out – it’s absolutely key to our success. Every morning, Brett and I come in and take a look at our dashboard,” Lin says.







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